Boarding Information

You can contact us by phone at 503-538-2553 or by email:

We are currently working on our boarding form and should have it up again soon.
In the meantime, please email us with the following information to help acquaint us with your kitty(s) and book the best accommodations according to their needs and your preferences. We thank you in advance!

Your Contact Information
Name, Email, Phone Number, and best way to contact you.
Your Kitty Information:
Name, Gender, Age, Medications currently taking, and a short description.
Please do this for every kitty you plan to board with us.

Please answer these questions for each kitty you plan on boarding with us. Thank you.

Does Kitty know how to use a Pet Door?
Is Kitty shy and likes to hide or den?
Is Kitty elderly or has arthritis or joint pain and needs low level furniture?
Would Kitty like a heated bed or pad?
Is Kitty used to flowing water and requests a fountain?
Dates you would like to board your kittys
Drop Off & Pick Up Dates

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