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updated April 2012


Here at Country Kitty Kondo we have a variety of kitty housing setups to please the most finicky of felines.

Country Kitty is designed with all the Indoor/Outdoor and Window Kondos along the perimeter. Four Single Kitty Kondos and another Family Kondo are in the Center. All accommodations are constructed with safe chain link walls with an 8’ chain link ceiling that provides good light and air circulation while also affording a complete view of the surroundings, neighbors and Kitty Staff.

With more Humans opening their hearts and adding to their feline brood, we have converted part of our barn into two more Mulitple Family Kondos. The Window Kondo is large enough for two or three kittys and the Indoor/Outdoor Kondo has space for three or four kittys with a large grassy yard sporting a Kitty Gym and Kitty Koop for play and soaking in the sun. The divider between the two Kondos can be opened to provide room for five-plus kittys. A variety of carpeted furniture will allow Kitty to climb, den or rest comfortably. Careful - they may not want to leave!


Our rates vary on the number of kittys being housed together and the type of accommodations requested. There are some choices for accommodations depending on the number of cats. Please check out the individual pages for specific rates:

If you are thinking of boarding your kittys with us please consider filling out our Boarding Information Form before contacting us. This will help us to provide the best care possible and guide us in presenting all the options available to your kitty(s).


Stay SEVEN nights - Next night FREE

Other Discounts Available (Not applicable for one or two night bookings)

  • 10% Senior Citizen Discount (62+), Police Personnel, Firefighters (OR Free Night - whichever is greater)
  • 10% Long Term (28+nights), First Booking, Referrals, (OR Free Night- whichever is greater)

Medication Charges

  • Diabetic - $ .50 per shot
  • Pills, liquids, supplements, etc. - $.25 per day
  • SubQ Fluids - $2.00 per administration

Other Services

  • Special Meals (other than dry and/or canned) = $1.00 per day
  • Using own litter instead of CKK (LLC) product = $1.00 per day

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